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Enormous carp bag taken during hectic pleasure fishing session

By Angling Times

Fish Catches

07 May 2010 16:00

One of the region’s most popular day-ticket waters has produced what is believed to be its biggest-ever pleasure weight with a staggering 435lb of carp being caught in just six hours.

Simon admitted that ‘the best bagging session of his life’ not only saw him hook a fish almost every 30 seconds, but also left him suffering an injury to his arm caused by the sheer ferocity of the action.

The Manchester-based angler was bruised and battered by Makins Fishery’s resident carp as he more than doubled his biggest-ever weight of carp during a practice session on Phase One of the complex in Nuneaton, Warks.

A seemingly endless stream of carp to 18lb was caught by the matchman as he expertly polefished a double corn hookbait down the margins in front of a huge crowd that had gathered behind peg 6 on Lake 2.

Many anglers would think you would need to pile the bait in to make a huge weight like this, but the reality was that Simon simply trickled a small pole pot of pellets and corn over his own floats every put-in to keep the bites coming.

“I was catching so many fish and there was so much pressure on my forearm when landing them that the bottom of the second section took the skin off my forearm and I’m now left with a scab and a big bruise. It was truly unbelievable fishing,” Simon told Angling Times.

“There was an inlet pipe trickling water into the peg next door. I fished at 11m up against this and the carp were practically crawling up the bank with their backs and tails breaking the surface as they searched for my bait.

“I hardly had time to tip the bait out of my pot because the bites were coming that quick. I’ve fished at all the big-weight waters across the country but I’ve never had a day’s pleasure fishing like this anywhere, and I probably never will again,” he added.

Simon admitted that the size and ferocity of the carp he was catching almost stretched his red Daiwa Hydrolastic to the limit, but his line was broken only once, after which he stepped up his rig to incorporate a 0.18mm Prestons mainline and a size 14 GURU hook.

Peter Woolley has bailiffed the water on and off since it was first built almost 20 years ago, and it’s the biggest pleasure catch he’s ever weighed and witnessed.
“I’ve seen some of the best anglers in the country take big weights during my time here, but this massive haul was in a league of its own and had to be seen to be believed,” said Peter.

“This is without doubt one of the best lakes in the country, and although not everyone is capable of such a huge weight, the average day-ticket angler can still easily catch over 200lb of fish in a day.”

Fishery boss slams claims predators have killed venue

By Angling Times

Fishery News

09 April 2010 17:00

A fishery owner has moved to quash rumours that all the carp in her lakes have been eaten by otters.

Janet Reynolds has been inundated with calls from anglers planning to fish at Mawgan Porth, near Newquay in Cornwall, asking about the situation and whether it is still worth going.

“I don’t know why these rumours have been started, but they are simply not true,” she told Angling Times.

“Yes, we have had otters, like any other fishery next to a river probably has, but they haven’t even made a dent in our stocks,” she insisted.

The lakes were stocked 10 years ago with 10,000 carp and were further boosted two years later with the introduction of 700lb of bream and tench.

“I reckon we have lost 3,000 fish at the most, which still leaves at least 7,000 carp. If anything, we have too many fish. Six months ago we had to remove 2,000 small bream and give them to nearby Snowland Fisheries to prevent overcrowding,” she added.

And one angler who can certainly vouch for the excellent sport on offer. who in just five hours, amassed an impressive net of carp weighing 234lb 10oz.
This came only a week after the Manchester-based float maker banked 114lb 6oz in three hours while feeding five to 10 pellets every put-in, with bites coming thick and fast from the word go.

“The action was so hectic that I was getting takes virtually every five seconds. If I hadn’t had a bite after that I knew my bait must have fallen off,” said the 27-year-old.
All Simon’s fish took 4mm and 6mm expander pellets on size 16 Kamasan Animal hooks and 0.11mm hooklinks under one of his own Power Margin hand made floats.

“I wanted to organise an open match at the venue, so I put a post on a popular matchfishing forum to see who would be interested,” explained Simon.
“All I got back were messages from people saying that it wasn’t worth fishing and that the fish had all been killed by otters.

“Obviously, as my catches prove, this isn’t the case. While I was fishing, there were plenty of other anglers on the lake who were all catching too. It’s a shame to see such rubbish being talked about what is an excellent venue.”